Our specialties: Complex Programme Management, Contracts Recovery, Business Transformation

as far as Contract Recovery is concerned, we start with a 3-week Audit. We review all aspects of the perimeter: Legal, Commercial, Technical, Plan, Finances, HR and the context.

On the basis of  the findings identified through the Audit, we define a Strategy and we translate it into an action plan to target the objectives.


The target plan is split over 3 main points: 1) cost reductions, 2) revenue increase, 3) alignment of HR and Organization to the Goal

The implementation of the action plan takes 3 months. Since this date, we assess progress against plan and make appropriate correction to any deviation. Taking into consideration the inertia between the very moment when decisions have been taken and their effect in the real life, a period of 3-6 months is to be considered as « normal time frame »

Be Aware: Contracts recovery looks like surgery – once you have been operated, you are convalescent. this means that post-surgery medication and treatments have to be strictly respected

2015 01 14 – Gil Develey Conseils – FR – Flyer – GP