Our specialties: Complex Programme Management, Contracts Recovery, Business Transformation

as far as Business Transformation is concerned, we ensure that the New Target Operating Model covers Processes, Organization, Tools, Finances and Legal

and we guarantee that the new T.O.M. is fully supported by the best efficient IS/IT solution.

Regarding IS/IT, We do not stick an additional patch on top of others,

but we rethink Information Systems as a whole, taking into consideration all benefits (and constraints) that the new technologies may provide your Business

« Best efficient IS/IT solution » does not mean the most complex and costy systems. Once we have analysed your Business and we have understood your cycle of creation of Value, we design the solution which fits best your context.

Wonder yourself : if your shoe size is 42, would you buy larger, because the price is alike? would you wear sport shoes, if you have to attend an official well dressed meeting?

2015 01 14 – Gil Develey Conseils – FR – Flyer – GP