2015 01 31 – Binetix Libree – Documentary Operations (EN)

LIBREE® is an enterprise-class grid solution for managing and sharing documents, commencing documentary operations, gathering data from different sources and external systems, organizing daily activities and group schedules, collecting and sharing HR information, performing telecommunication calls and meetings.

Furthermore, LIBREE is powered by InfoDigger™ – a proprietary technology of Binetix® for full-text search capable to instantly dig in gigabytes of unstructured information, databases and many other external sources.

Using LIBREE your organization can easily:

✔ Manage repositories of enterprise documentation;

✔ Control the versions and the security to referential data;

✔ Perform documentary operations on different financial and SWIFT documents, like letters of credit, bank guarantees and collections, contracts and associated OCR documents;

✔ Instantly search in all indexed documents and data sources;

✔ Organize your operational activities and presence;

✔ Schedule and commence cheap calls.

LIBREE enables you to organize and search and access, your daily messages, conversations, contacts, and e-mails – The functionalities are similar to Outlook and / or  Lotus ones