ToMCo (Top Manager Council) proposes to promote, organise and deliver Management Services based upon an incredible intelligence reservoir : former managers of majors European Companies, members of the council.

New Business Model

Where classical consulting firms rely on the most experienced people to develop the company and the less experienced people to execute the missions, ToMCo does it otherwise.With ToMCo Senior People lead and deliver management services where young generation develops the company and supports the missions.

Added Value

ToMCo offers a lot more than an interface between clients and members.
For the Clients this is the guarantee of high quality management services delivered by the most relevant resources.
For the Members it provides facilities to find assignment missions, to share knowledge, to take advantage of an important network, to be part of a recognised brand.

A Social Model

Aware of the difficulties that the best managers can face when it comes to sell their own management services, aware of the fact that profit is more and more self-oriented : ToMCo wants to develop business relying on a social idea. ToMCo’s members don’t only work for themselves but work for a community.

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