Fully Integrated Web Based and Cloud oriented Solution

Full Bespoke solution coded 100% in Europe

Functional perimeter

Messaging, Data Management, Content Management

Icing on the cake full Text search capabilities

A four-in-one solution

With MS, a client is forced to buy, install, maintain, and monitor

IE, Sharepoint, Exchange and Outlook

With LIBREE©, you install one tool and that’s all

Technology at a glance

Highly efficient to deal with large amount of information

No “Java” neither “.NET” coding

Hardware agnostic


as a Corporate solution, LIBREE© interfaces with VPN or HTTPS connection

and integrates seamlessly with the existing corporate security infrastructure

Fully opened solution

LIBREE© is fully compatible with

Windows — Linux

Active Directory — LDAP

I.E. – Mozilla — Google Chrome

Outlook — Thunderbird — Apple

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